Questions - Cleaner question pool layout

The current question pool is very dense and not as user-friendly. We should provide an alternative layout that is focused on the essentials, and easier to digest. The user should be able to choose between the current layout (as a default) and the relaxed version. --- As a lecturer, I would like to be able to display my question pool in a condensed table view, such that I can more easily review and manage my questions in batches. Acceptance criteria - Clicking a button/toggle on the question pool view changes the view between tabular and normal display - The tabular display is structured similar to a Windows "details" view, e.g., with only the most necessary columns (e.g., title, type, tags, last used). - Batch operations can be applied to the tabular view by means of selecting the rows to apply to (e.g., by checking the box for each row).

Roland Schlaefli posted over 1 year ago



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