Questions - Sharing between accounts

Currently, the only way to share questions with other users is to export and import said questions. There could, however, be a built-in sharing approach that allows the owner of a question to share it with other accounts. --- As a lecturer, I'd like to share questions with my colleagues, such that we can structure our Klicker sessions based on a common question pool. Acceptance criteria - Questions can be checked and shared (in batch) with other Klicker users from within the question pool. Shared questions remain assigned to the initial creator ("owner"). - A list of questions that have been shared with other users is available on a view separate from the question pool ("Shared with others"). - Sharing can be revoked on a per-user basis (i.e., revoke sharing with user a but not b and c). - A separate part of the question pool ("Shared with me") is available to filter only questions that have been shared (similar to the archive filter). - Only the owner of a question is able to edit it (in a first iteration, maybe add more "roles" like "viewer", "editor" later). - All questions that are shared with other users are annotated with an icon (i.e. user icon)

Roland Schlaefli posted over 1 year ago



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